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Custom Luxury Pools & Spas


Freeform Pools

Unlike a traditional swimming pool, which is usually a rectangular shape and lined with tiles, a freeform swimming pool is designed in a naturalistic or irregular shape, with curves or flowing lines. (The kidney shaped pool is one of the most well known freeform pool shapes.) Contemporary freeform pools often have rock and waterfall features and are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake, or oasis.


Geometric Pools

The most popular pool designs are often the most classic: geometric shaped pools! When it comes to in ground pools, these geometric shapes offer the best versatility for pools of different sizes:

  • Rectangular pool designs for swimming laps, hosting pool parties and more.

  • Circular pool designs for smaller yards.

  • Many more options!

Infinity & Commercial Pools


Infinity Pools

From here to infinity is the view you get in a swimming pool with a vanishing edge. Infinity pools make you feel as if you are one with the horizon, floating above the landscape and luxuriating in the sky. Making your dreams a reality, is what Outdoor Oasis does best.


Commercial Pools

Whether it's creating a vanishing edge, an Olympic-style experience, or a Tuscany-inspired retreat, if you can dream it, Outdoor Oasis can design, build and maintain it.

Built-in Spas


Built-in spas and hot tubs, with beautiful spillovers into an in ground pool, offer a relaxing element to your already enjoyable pool. The calming effect of combining jets and hot water will certainly create a welcoming atmosphere at the end of a long day. A built-in spa or hot tub compliments a pool beautifully and is a highly recommended feature.

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