Features & Add-ons

Why not complement your pool with some added features?


What better investment could you make than a heater for your pool? How about swimming a little longer each year? Heaters can provide an additional month of early swimming and another month of swimtime when everyone else is closing.


In 10 years you will have gained an addittional almost 2 years of excerise and family togetherness.

Tanning Shelf

A tanning shelf is a great addition to your swimming pool. By any other name, they are the same--tanning shelf, sun shelf, Baja ledge, doggie deck--a delightful, shallow area in your pool to relax and soak up the sun. Sun shelves are a ledge typically placed at the entrance of your pool and are around 5-8 inches deep.

Love Seat


The love seat is similar to that of an underwater bench, but instead of protruding into the actual pool area, it is built into the coping or deck area. The love seat replaces the old ladder and handrail entry into your swimming pool.

Cozy Corner

A cozy corner is just as it sounds. It is usually found out of the way and in a small area where those who are inclined can gather for quiet conversation or contemplation.

Weeping Wall

This waterfall is a popular water feature. This water feature is rows of rock boulders where the water actually come in-between the rocks and into the pool. This will give the pool owner a nice babbling brook sound.

Waterfalls & Slides


Swimming pool waterfalls increase the enjoyment of every swimming pool by providing the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. Whether you have a new or old pool, rock and water features can bring a new or added beauty to your backyard entertainment.



Add a personal touch to your new pool that is UNLIKE any other. These are inlaid into the finish of your pool and can be custom ordered to meet your imagination.


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